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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Today, my roommate and I went grocery shopping. Whenever we go, it’s always a process, but a fun process! We spend at least an hour at the grocery store, we go down every aisle even if we don’t need anything. I find myself taking groceries from the back just like my mom does, and it creeps me out sometimes. My roommate who has been close with my family for years tells me everyday how much I am like my father, especially when I make certain comments or at the grocery store have to go to the “Handy” aisle as she calls it. I just look at car cleaners and stuff like that; well that is what she thinks actually. Anyways, I spend $300 at the grocerty store, enough said right?!

Last night I went to a concert at AEPi, Bubba Sparxx. It wasn’t as good as I thought it was going to be. I went with my roommate Lauren, my girlfriend Rachel, and my cousin’s and my friend Dustin. We got there too early so we waited a long time to see Bubba come on stage. We heard the two songs we cared about “Ms. New Booty” and “Deliverance” and then left and met up with our friends at the bars

During little 5 I got to see my brother, Evan. He goes to Purdue so of course my family has that “House Divided” flag. When he comes to visit we don’t spend that much time together because he has a ton of friends from high school that go here, “The Brotherhood” as they call themselves. But my friends and me stopped by Smallwood, where he was staying, and partied with him and his friends for a little. I ran into so many people from high school so my friends and me left immediately and went to the bars. The next day I went out to breakfast with my brother and his friends. It was nice to spend a little time with him since he was here at IU and we didn’t hang out that much this weekend.

I went for a ride-a-long with a cop. It sounds like it wouldn’t be very interesting, but in Bloomington, there were lots going on, especially on a Saturday. We arrested a med student driving drink going down the wrong way on a one way street. He started crying because he said he wouldn’t be able to go to med school. In my head I thought, “ Don’t drink and drive you moron!”

lil 5

This week was crazy, Llittle 5 week. My cousins, Lilly and Ryan came to visit. Lilly brought a friend, she was a handful, I felt like I was a babysitter. O well though. I bought a keg for all my freinds from home who were visiting, and it was a really good time. We all caught up and went to dinner. My roommate had her I-Core case so she wasnt around much until thursday. I actually ended up helping her do her mission statement, and it sounded much better after I helped her even though she wont admit it.

Monday, January 30, 2006

My Digital Life

today i used an ipod!